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This category includes specialty truck bodies that allow you to convert your truck into a work truck. These other truck bed bodies are ones that don't squarely fall into the flat bed body or service body category. They are often manufactured with a specific line of work in mind, such as oil or welding.

Just like with any truck body, they can be made from either aluminum or steel. Aluminum is lighter, more affordable and resistant to rust, while steel is considered stronger and more durable. CM makes a unique variety of specialty truck bed bodies, while Cadet and Bradford Built are popular manufacturers as well. To find the specialty truck bed body that's right for your industry, browse new other truck bed bodies and used other truck bed bodies on Trailers USA.

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2016 Midsota 7'4'' Fisher Homesteader Snow Plow

Other Truck Body for sale in Avon, MN

Sold by: Midsota Trailer Sales


Length: 7' 3"